Monday, February 28, 2011

BB and B

I wish this post was about Bed, Bath and Beyond but it's not. The 3 B's stand for Birthday, bag, and belly flop.

1. Birthday- I turned 24 on Feb. 22nd. Uncle Brody and Aunt Katy said they would babysit Ashton while Raymond and I went to dinner and a movie...ya! Ray and I dont get to go out very often because of our schedules and baby so we used my birthday as the perfect excuse to have a night out. We decided to go out after Ashton went to sleep, which is at 8. Katy, Brody and I were just hanging out in the living room while Raymond was putting Ashton to sleep, which usually takes no longer than 15 minutes. WELL, it ends up being like 8:50 and Raymond is still in there. Katy suggested that maybe Raymond fell asleep. I thought NO WAY, we haven't had a night out in forevssss, no way did he fall asleep. Also, I didn't want to go check because one time I walked in on Ray and Ash during bedtime and apparently woke Ashton up RIGHT before Raymond was putting him down bla bla bla...Anyway, Raymond strolls out at 8:50 ish, looking like a zombie and yep, he had been asleep for the past 25 minutes or so. Awesome. AND he tells me that he tripped because his leg was asleep and kind of dropped Ashton in his crib. Kind of dropped him? I didnt ask many questions about that because he obviously landed on something soft and we were soo late (jk, I asked if he was ok and he said he was 100% fine, he didnt really drop him, just kinda...?) We didn't get to go to dinner but made our 9:20 movie, BARELY. I call this B strike 1.

2. Bag- Ashton puts everything in his mouth now....EVERYTHING. This EVERYTHING includes a small plastic bag. He seriously crawled towards me with this little plastic bag stuffed in his mouth, I had a brief heart attack and then pulled it out and checked his mouth like a crazy woman to see if he had chewed any small pieces off. He didn't thank goodness but def. strike 2.

3. Belly flop- Ashton usually wakes us up every morning talking and laughing over the monitor. A couple of days ago we heard Ash talking away over the monitor and then heard a big THUD...and then a scream. We jumped out of bed and ran to his room and there he was, laying belly down on the floor :-( Ashton had crawled out of his crib! He cried for a minute and then was just fine, laughing and clapping away. His mattress was already low but now it is as low as it can be. Ashton is quite the climber. Yikes, strike 3.

This was all in 1 week. I am just going to go ahead and give Ray and I an F for that week. Ashton gets an A+++ for putting up with us and for surviving.

P.S. We really don't suck as bad at being parents as I just made it sound. Everyone has an off week....right?! lol.


  1. This is by far my favorite post! Hilarious!!

  2. i seriously just laughed so hard i peed a little. makes me feel much better about unknowingly turning off the monitor in the middle of the night and almost positively letting brooks scream through his three am feeding. :(