Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby news and weddings!

Ashton just turned 23 weeks old this past Sunday....I seriously cannot believe it. I am happy and sad. Happy because he is so much fun and I love watching him grow and change into this wonderful little person---sad because he is growing so so fast, too fast and I want him to stay my precious little baby (of course he always will though)!!!

I am not exactly sure of his weight right now but at his 4 month check up he weighed 15.11 lbs so I am positive he has doubled that by now....haha ok not quite doubled it but def. has grown! I am not weighing him myself and am just going to wait until his 6 month checkup which is pretty soon so Raymond and I can have our "guess the baby weight game". Lame I know, but I have won everytime :-) Here is a brief Ashton news update:

-He is still sleeping through the night, about 8 to 6 ish (PLEASE LAST BC IT IS SO GREAT). It was the craziest thing bc he went from barely sleeping at all, and then once he hit 7 weeks old he slept all night. We think he is giving us a break for not sleeping at all for 6 weeks, haha!

-He has rolled over a few times but doesnt seem to enjoy it that much. The first time completely freaked him out I think!

-He doesnt love being on his stomach but does it ok. He moves his hands like he is swimming when he is on his tummy, haha!

- He HATES rice cereal!!! He acts like it is just the worst thing in the entire world!!! Since he is sleeping all night I am going to re-introduce it at 6 months and be consistant with it, haha! He sure does love his milk duds though (that is what we call his bottles).

- He is finally pretty set on a nap schedule which has been nice because I can initiate the naps before he gets too upset-he has been napping about an hour and a half after he wakes up, noon, 3, and 5....those are all ishes but the naps are always right around those times and are never very long but that is ok as long as he gets his rest!

-I could go on and on and on about my precious baby but will stop for now!!!

This Saturday is my sister's wedding. I am so excited for her and Brody and love them both so much!! Ashton is very excited too because he gets to wear a suit with a bow tie! Here is my little man looking so very handsome in his new wedding suit.

Doesn't he look so excited for the wedding?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bad guesser

Ugh. I do not fit into Katy's bridesmaid dress that I ordered when I was pregnant. I had to guess what size I would be by May 29th and apparently I thought that I have super turbo body and it would just bounce right on back to my normal size. WRONG, I am the worst guesser ever BUT in my defense, I think my ribs have spread apart and it might not be just a losing weight solution. Uh Oh. However, I am not going to give up and I will continue to let Jillian Michaels (workout dvd) kick my booty....bc she has been. A bright side to working out, Ashton thinks it is hilarious when I do the workouts and seriously laughs so hard at some of the moves. Either he likes all the movement or I really look ridiculous--probably both. I usually workout during his late afternoon nap but sometimes I gotta entertain my baby, or he just wont take a nap. But who cares about naps when you get to see this beautiful cutesy smile!!