Tuesday, December 29, 2009

First day!

Today is my first day to stay at home with Ashton ALONE. With the holidays and all, I was never without company-everyone of course wanted to see my precious baby boy! Today, Raymond went back to work....He has been such a great husband/dad!!! So helpful! So far, Ashton and I have had a great day. Just laying around taking random naps (since last night he didnt want to sleep at all....not even a power nap, nope.). He is a very sleepy boy today! I have not showered in a while...gross I know. BUT I did give Ashton a bath today and luckily he loves bath time! Raymond gets home in about an hour and then it will be my turn for a shower :-)

Being a mom is wonderful but busy busy! My little man is so much fun! As for my other baby (my dog Phoebe), I feel bad bc I am not giving her as much attention...I tried to play fetch with her while feeding the baby but that didnt go over so well and we all were just getting annoyed. haha! Anyway, today has been a successful first day. Now on to the 2nd!! Ahh!

Ashton's cute little elephant outfit from Ansley!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


I'm actually a Mobley Momma for real!

These are photos of Ashton Thomas the day he was born. Everything is going so well and we all love him to death. 

I went into labor on Sunday morning the 13th around 3 a.m. and we headed to the hospital around 7:30. Ashton was born at 6:18 p.m. but the labor was easy after the epidural!

He is a really good baby and doesn't cry much, so we definitely lucked out.

I love my son!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wal Mart + 8 months pregnant= Big, tall NO

So, I officially 100% cannot make big bulk Wal Mart trips anymore. I was so prepared with my list and all, which is totally something I do not do (make lists), and could not get through it all because I thought I was going to pass out walking around that huge country of a store. Here is a break down of my experience

1. I of course was given the hard to push cart by the cute old wal-mart grandpa
2. Then, I didnt get through my list which sucked and I was bummed
3. I left 3 bags in the store after I finished checking out
4. I went to a different Wal-Mart that I normally do because it is further away but I went because I had ordered nursery stuff and site to stored it-then forgot to pick it all up.
5. Went back in to Wal-Mart after I had already left, asked someone where the site to store thing was, he escorted me back and even offered to carry it all out for me, I cried because he was so nice, and then they didnt have my stuff in.....WHOA/AHHH
6. Got home and I had actually sent my stuff to the closer Wal-Mart....what the heck is wrong with my brain.

In conclusion, I cannot go to Wal-Mart alone for big bulk trips, just fast trips. Maybe I am a wuss, probably but who cares. lol.

ANYWAY, most importantly, I had my 35 week appointment on Monday and everything was great! Ashton is doing awesome and we cannot wait until he gets here!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

I had my 35 week doctor appointment today- went great! Ashton is kickin and growin and is very healthy YAY! The nurse gave me a huge pep talk bc I told her how nervous I was about the delivery. She said she enjoyed giving birth....I hope that is how I feel! ha! As long as he is healthy in the end that is all that matters!!! Anyway, I will post some nursery pics and belly bump pics soon! I am getting so big!

On a musical note, Raymond won a singing contest over the weekend called All American Idol. The rounds of this contest have been going on for MONTHS (over 100 contestants) and really we both thought nothing about it because we knew nothing about it! Raymond is always pretty clueless when it comes to details lol. Anyway, it was a bigger deal than we thought!!! He won first place which included $500, a 10 song produced C.D. with some production company in Dallas, a year management contract with Quarter Time Music Group and a 3 year contract with a music agent. We are so excited! Me, my brother Kaleb, sister Katy and her fiance Brody went to watch him and almost left right after he sang just bc we had no idea what we were even watching! HA! So glad we didnt! Maybe this will be Raymond's big break. lol. It was fun!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My first blogging experience!

So I have decided/was convinced to start a blog so that I can post pregnancy, baby and just fun life stuff! I really hope I can keep up with this. I am obsessed with reading blogs but keeping up with one is different I think. NEVERMIND, I can do it! Anyway, I am almost finished with the nursery, kind of proud of it. It was really fun to work on! I will be posting pics ASAP! I cannot believe I only have 37 more days until my due date....flew by so fast! However, those 37 days could not come faster. I am ready for a break from being a prego 1st year teacher, UGH but more importantly, I cannot wait to meet my little baby!

I will leave you with a pic of 2 of my favorite things- Phoebe and baby.

Ashton Mobley

Phoebe the dog