Thursday, January 27, 2011

What Ashton's flu has done to me

My little baby has the flu :-( It is so so sad when a baby is sick, and he is very, very sick. It has been a crazy couple of days. Hopefully this goes away soon! I am so sad to see my baby hurting but also I might be going a little bit crazy from it all, for example:


-forgot to brush my teeth today-still haven't

-ate 3 bowls of ice cream

-screamed in a pillow

-drank 5 Diet Dr. Peppers

-lost my phone today, then found it in my pocket 30 minutes later

-wiped Ashton's snotty nose with my shirt and am still wearing it

Here is a picture of us taken by my hubs. I look worse than Ashton and I'm not even sick. It looks like we are watching a movie but we could be just staring at a wall, or sleeping with our eyes open...wouldn't surprise me.

And this was just today.....I am really scared for tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Coupon Monster

I am going to my first coupon class tom. night. I feel a little bit 75 years old but I am all about saving the money!! Coupons scare scare scare me. That is probably weird but when I get to a check out lane and I have 107 coupons and I am trying to get them out of my wallet and figure out which ones I can use all while there are 5 people behind me rolling their eyes because I am taking too long and I start sweating and turn red and then just give up etc. etc. FAST NERVOUS HOT MESS. SOOOOOOOO with that long, stressful, no punctuation sentence perfectly defining my coupon experiences, I plan on dominating the stores with my future knowledge of the coupon world. I have no idea what happens at a coupon class but it has to help at least a little....right? I really hope they just hand out lots of awesome coupons-preferably to Target, Forever 21, and BABIES R US (shout out to the baby). If anyone has any coupon organizing/using tips I would love to know!