Thursday, May 5, 2011

See ya never...

Alright, so I love being outdoors. Yes, really cliche sounding and I am sure thousands of girl's facebook "about me" sections say the exact same thing but REALLY...I'm not lying here people-I LOVE being outside like LOVE it to where I could live in a tent year round and never go inside again. My family has a houseboat and most summers there would be a weekend to where we had 15-20 + people sleeping on the houseboat so some people had to sleep up top under the big pavilion tent thing-and EVERYONE dreaded it bc bats flew around up there and you wake up damp with dew all over you. Most people hated waking up all gross like that but my thoughts were just jump in, wash your hair with some shampoo and call it good. I mean, we are at the lake not the prom, right?! But mostly I didn't mind sleeping up there bc it was outside! Also, I went on TREK with my youth group when I was in high school and something about being outdoors seeing all of God's wonderful creations and being disconnected from everything else was so powerful! Was such an amazing experience and just made my love for being outdoors grow times a million :) Now, I wouldn't say I am a nature girl though. I don't like to bird watch or collect leaves etc./not a hippie so maybe I am just crazy. However, I will add that this girl likes her AC and relaxin in a big, comfy bed too.

Trek 2003. This is the last night when we all finally got to shower SO not really capturing our experience but this is the only pic I had on my computer.

Anyway, this past week outside has hated my guts. All started when I was running one night and I ran into an armadillo. This is the 2nd time in my life that I have done that so I overlooked it. Next thing that happened was I was mowing/weed-eating the yard and I got stung by a wasp AND a stick hit me in my front tooth. Ugh. After that, I was running another day and my mp3 player fell off its clip, to the ground, and I basically crushed it. Lastly, I was babysitting and one of the kids threw a jump rope in a tree, so I climbed up to get it and fell to the ground. Luckily I wasn't too high but seriously, come on. Yes, I am accident prone but this is nuts and all happened within a few days and all happened outside. So ya, that's right- See ya never outside. I am a little scared of you right now.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good choice/Bad choice

My sis and I were talking the other day about how teachers use the word "choice" a lot during the day. This is SO true, atleast it was for me! I would use it in phrases such as "make good choices" "is that a good choice?" and so on.... All of my students new about this "choice" word and here are 2 sweet/funny stories I remember.

First story is about my sweet little boy named Tra'Quan (try teaching a 5 year old how to write that name, yikes). He was the most precious thing ever. He was SO shy and every morning gave me the most timid-stiff hug imaginable but I looked forward to it everyday. Anyway, yes, he was super doop shy but was quite the free spirit in his own little way. For instance, I occassionally let my students (the ones I trusted to make a good CHOICE) go to the restroom by theirself....YES this is a HUGE deal to them. lol. I once let sweet, shy Tra'Quan go to the restroom alone and he didnt come back for almost 30 minutes....and I didnt notice.....teacher of the year? He had gone to the library instead and was just hanging out-I thought it was funny, librarian did not. Fast forward some time and here comes Tra'Quan asking to go to the restroom again. I suggested he take a friend and he said "I promise I will make lots of good choices in there." AHHHHH, melt my heart/hilarious. Love him.

2nd story is about a little girl named Lily....I might still have nightmares about this child. She seemed to LOVE the time out desk, or so it seemed bc she was there everyday, and she loved to make bad choices....or so it seemed. One time during centers she was walking around the room, bothering every other student and not doing what she was supposed to do. So, I said "Lily, where are you going?" Lily said, "why dont you ask my shoes?" UMMMM excuse me little sassy? I looked at her shoes and said "Lily's shoes, you and Lily are making terrible choices so I need you to walk Lily over to the time out desk and take a seat" Head down, Lily's shoes walked her over and there she sat. BOOM! I probably shouldn't be proud of this but I am. Lily told me to ask her pencil what she was writing (Me, "lily what are you drawing/writing" Lily, "ask my pencil") and asked me to ask her brain what she was thinking quite often (Me, "lily what on earth were you thinking when you made that choice?" Lily, "why dont you ask my brain")......ugh!!!!!

Here is Lily....probably walking to the time out desk.

Despite all her craziness and sassy attitude, she was SO smart and is a good kid! She def. kept my 1st year teaching as entertaining as possible.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I miss it

This may sound a little nuts but I indeed miss my last year's kindergarten class. They were annoying, crazy, loud and precious all rolled into one. I miss all of the ridiculous conversations we had and seeing their little faces light up when they FINALLY understood something and learned a new thing. Every single student in my class spoke Spanish except for 2 little ninos who were both blonde as can be with big blue eyes. It just so happens that they were the 2 worst kids in my class BUT 1 of them stole my heart bc he was CRAZY....just plain crazy and I loved it. Since I am not teaching this year I think it is safe to say that I had a favorite and his name was Joshua....I called him Joshie, he hated that I did that so he called me "teachy" bc I said that my name was Mrs. Mobley and NOT teacher on a daily basis. He was clever like that. Anyway, here is one of my favorite convos between me and Joshie:

  • Joshie- "Can I have some glue?"

  • Me- "Why?"

  • Joshie-"Because I ripped my pants and there is a big hole now"

  • Me-"Glue won't fix that Joshie"

  • Joshie- "can I have some tape?"

  • Me- "tape won't fix your pants either, you are going to have to wait and have your mom sew them for you"

  • Joshie-"Ok, can I just have some sew then?"
I mean, duh, just give me some sew. It made so much since to him and he talked to me like I was the dumbest person for not just giving him sew. He is funny and surprisingly one of the smartest kids I know minus this conversation.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time change

Nope, I am not referring to the daylight savings time change tomorrow...but make sure you do set your clocks forward! Raymond and I almost NEVER do which is ALWAYS bad. Anyway, onto my post.

The way I use my time has changed so much after having Ashton. For instance, tonight I loaded the dishwasher, cleaned up Ashton's dinner, made myself dinner, vaccumed and swiffered the bedrooms, and uploaded pictures to facebook all while Ashton watched a 30 minute Sesame Street movie. How you ask? Well, it went down like this:

-placed Ashton in his little chair with his sippy cup and turned on his favorite show...he was mesmerized.

-started uploading pictures to facebook and realized it was going to take forever SO I also......

- cleaned up Ashton's dinner

-loaded dishwasher

-made a sandwich and ate while vaccuming

I feel like in the pre-baby days those things would have taken me much longer because I probably would have taken my time, watched some TV while eating a much healthier (ya right) more prepared meal, etc. Now, I do what I can in the little time Ashton will sit down and let me. However, I wouldn't change a single thing because I now have this precious little face that I get to look at everyday. I love him more than he will probably ever know. He is such a blessing!

Monday, February 28, 2011

BB and B

I wish this post was about Bed, Bath and Beyond but it's not. The 3 B's stand for Birthday, bag, and belly flop.

1. Birthday- I turned 24 on Feb. 22nd. Uncle Brody and Aunt Katy said they would babysit Ashton while Raymond and I went to dinner and a movie...ya! Ray and I dont get to go out very often because of our schedules and baby so we used my birthday as the perfect excuse to have a night out. We decided to go out after Ashton went to sleep, which is at 8. Katy, Brody and I were just hanging out in the living room while Raymond was putting Ashton to sleep, which usually takes no longer than 15 minutes. WELL, it ends up being like 8:50 and Raymond is still in there. Katy suggested that maybe Raymond fell asleep. I thought NO WAY, we haven't had a night out in forevssss, no way did he fall asleep. Also, I didn't want to go check because one time I walked in on Ray and Ash during bedtime and apparently woke Ashton up RIGHT before Raymond was putting him down bla bla bla...Anyway, Raymond strolls out at 8:50 ish, looking like a zombie and yep, he had been asleep for the past 25 minutes or so. Awesome. AND he tells me that he tripped because his leg was asleep and kind of dropped Ashton in his crib. Kind of dropped him? I didnt ask many questions about that because he obviously landed on something soft and we were soo late (jk, I asked if he was ok and he said he was 100% fine, he didnt really drop him, just kinda...?) We didn't get to go to dinner but made our 9:20 movie, BARELY. I call this B strike 1.

2. Bag- Ashton puts everything in his mouth now....EVERYTHING. This EVERYTHING includes a small plastic bag. He seriously crawled towards me with this little plastic bag stuffed in his mouth, I had a brief heart attack and then pulled it out and checked his mouth like a crazy woman to see if he had chewed any small pieces off. He didn't thank goodness but def. strike 2.

3. Belly flop- Ashton usually wakes us up every morning talking and laughing over the monitor. A couple of days ago we heard Ash talking away over the monitor and then heard a big THUD...and then a scream. We jumped out of bed and ran to his room and there he was, laying belly down on the floor :-( Ashton had crawled out of his crib! He cried for a minute and then was just fine, laughing and clapping away. His mattress was already low but now it is as low as it can be. Ashton is quite the climber. Yikes, strike 3.

This was all in 1 week. I am just going to go ahead and give Ray and I an F for that week. Ashton gets an A+++ for putting up with us and for surviving.

P.S. We really don't suck as bad at being parents as I just made it sound. Everyone has an off week....right?! lol.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vampire Child

Today was a pretty normal-ish day. Ash and I played, ate, cleaned, watched Ellen and Ice Age, ate, etc. I finally changed Ashton out of his pajamas at the early hour of 2 p.m. and put on his pretty (handsome/manly), white, Michael Jordan shirt; ***side note***-there is something about big people clothing in little baby people sizes that just gets me. Love it with all my heart. In case you don't know what I mean, little ducks and elephants holding balloons are in the wittle, cutesy baby clothes category and clothes that YOU reading this would wear, just in miniature form, are in the category I am talking about. Unless you wear shirts with ducks and elephants holding balloons on them, which is fine.........ANYWAY, yes, so I put on Ashton's big person looking Michael Jordan warm-up bball outfit (Not that any of what I just said has much to do with this story) and was on my way to giving him a snack. He is eating away and we are singing Itsy Bitsy Spider and clapping when all of the sudden a pinkish liquid starts sliding down Ashton's mouth. My first thought is that it is just his strawberry yogurt melts and then I realize that he is eating cheese and cheerios! I ask my brain what is going on and it has no idea. Did he eat a bug and that is the color of the bug gut juices? It's possible. That's creepy. I was a little scared of him for 3 seconds and then he started crying. I finally held his mouth open to investigate and poor baby's back molar tooth was bleeding :-( I have no idea if this is normal, I am new at the mom business. I googled it and called a friend and it turns out that it is normal, whew. So my creepy little Vampire child morphed quickly back to sweet little baby and was in major tooth pain. It was a dramatic snack time but we made it. As for the white Michael Jordan shirt, not so much. It has a nice little pinkish (blood and drool) color to it.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Thanks little girl

I was picked for having a cute blog from my sis, thanks!! I really have no idea what I am doing with a blog but here I am having one. SOO-7 things about myself:

1. I drink around 5 Diet Dr. Pepper's a day. So addicted.

2. I can't say the words "gifts" or "mail" correctly. Gifts comes out GIFS everytime, and mail comes out MELL. I can try really hard and say them but in a full blown conversation notta chance.

3. I could eat Pizza everyday and did most days (until I started Nutrisystem...)

4. I cannot go to the movies without getting a Diet Dr. Pepper and a snack.

5. I only make our bed when I know people are coming over. I just don't see the point (lazy?)

6. I have seen Gavin Degraw in concert 5 times and feel like he should know me everytime I re-meet him. ONE time he said he remembered me (ya right).

7. My favorite thing to do is to go to Hafer Park with Ashton and sit and watch the ducks. He thinks they are hilarious.

These are a few cutie patootie blogs that I like to read: