Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time change

Nope, I am not referring to the daylight savings time change tomorrow...but make sure you do set your clocks forward! Raymond and I almost NEVER do which is ALWAYS bad. Anyway, onto my post.

The way I use my time has changed so much after having Ashton. For instance, tonight I loaded the dishwasher, cleaned up Ashton's dinner, made myself dinner, vaccumed and swiffered the bedrooms, and uploaded pictures to facebook all while Ashton watched a 30 minute Sesame Street movie. How you ask? Well, it went down like this:

-placed Ashton in his little chair with his sippy cup and turned on his favorite show...he was mesmerized.

-started uploading pictures to facebook and realized it was going to take forever SO I also......

- cleaned up Ashton's dinner

-loaded dishwasher

-made a sandwich and ate while vaccuming

I feel like in the pre-baby days those things would have taken me much longer because I probably would have taken my time, watched some TV while eating a much healthier (ya right) more prepared meal, etc. Now, I do what I can in the little time Ashton will sit down and let me. However, I wouldn't change a single thing because I now have this precious little face that I get to look at everyday. I love him more than he will probably ever know. He is such a blessing!

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  1. Isn't it amazing how we our multitasking skills have changed SO MUCH?! It still surprises me... ha!