Monday, April 4, 2011

I miss it

This may sound a little nuts but I indeed miss my last year's kindergarten class. They were annoying, crazy, loud and precious all rolled into one. I miss all of the ridiculous conversations we had and seeing their little faces light up when they FINALLY understood something and learned a new thing. Every single student in my class spoke Spanish except for 2 little ninos who were both blonde as can be with big blue eyes. It just so happens that they were the 2 worst kids in my class BUT 1 of them stole my heart bc he was CRAZY....just plain crazy and I loved it. Since I am not teaching this year I think it is safe to say that I had a favorite and his name was Joshua....I called him Joshie, he hated that I did that so he called me "teachy" bc I said that my name was Mrs. Mobley and NOT teacher on a daily basis. He was clever like that. Anyway, here is one of my favorite convos between me and Joshie:

  • Joshie- "Can I have some glue?"

  • Me- "Why?"

  • Joshie-"Because I ripped my pants and there is a big hole now"

  • Me-"Glue won't fix that Joshie"

  • Joshie- "can I have some tape?"

  • Me- "tape won't fix your pants either, you are going to have to wait and have your mom sew them for you"

  • Joshie-"Ok, can I just have some sew then?"
I mean, duh, just give me some sew. It made so much since to him and he talked to me like I was the dumbest person for not just giving him sew. He is funny and surprisingly one of the smartest kids I know minus this conversation.

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