Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good choice/Bad choice

My sis and I were talking the other day about how teachers use the word "choice" a lot during the day. This is SO true, atleast it was for me! I would use it in phrases such as "make good choices" "is that a good choice?" and so on.... All of my students new about this "choice" word and here are 2 sweet/funny stories I remember.

First story is about my sweet little boy named Tra'Quan (try teaching a 5 year old how to write that name, yikes). He was the most precious thing ever. He was SO shy and every morning gave me the most timid-stiff hug imaginable but I looked forward to it everyday. Anyway, yes, he was super doop shy but was quite the free spirit in his own little way. For instance, I occassionally let my students (the ones I trusted to make a good CHOICE) go to the restroom by theirself....YES this is a HUGE deal to them. lol. I once let sweet, shy Tra'Quan go to the restroom alone and he didnt come back for almost 30 minutes....and I didnt notice.....teacher of the year? He had gone to the library instead and was just hanging out-I thought it was funny, librarian did not. Fast forward some time and here comes Tra'Quan asking to go to the restroom again. I suggested he take a friend and he said "I promise I will make lots of good choices in there." AHHHHH, melt my heart/hilarious. Love him.

2nd story is about a little girl named Lily....I might still have nightmares about this child. She seemed to LOVE the time out desk, or so it seemed bc she was there everyday, and she loved to make bad choices....or so it seemed. One time during centers she was walking around the room, bothering every other student and not doing what she was supposed to do. So, I said "Lily, where are you going?" Lily said, "why dont you ask my shoes?" UMMMM excuse me little sassy? I looked at her shoes and said "Lily's shoes, you and Lily are making terrible choices so I need you to walk Lily over to the time out desk and take a seat" Head down, Lily's shoes walked her over and there she sat. BOOM! I probably shouldn't be proud of this but I am. Lily told me to ask her pencil what she was writing (Me, "lily what are you drawing/writing" Lily, "ask my pencil") and asked me to ask her brain what she was thinking quite often (Me, "lily what on earth were you thinking when you made that choice?" Lily, "why dont you ask my brain")......ugh!!!!!

Here is Lily....probably walking to the time out desk.

Despite all her craziness and sassy attitude, she was SO smart and is a good kid! She def. kept my 1st year teaching as entertaining as possible.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I miss it

This may sound a little nuts but I indeed miss my last year's kindergarten class. They were annoying, crazy, loud and precious all rolled into one. I miss all of the ridiculous conversations we had and seeing their little faces light up when they FINALLY understood something and learned a new thing. Every single student in my class spoke Spanish except for 2 little ninos who were both blonde as can be with big blue eyes. It just so happens that they were the 2 worst kids in my class BUT 1 of them stole my heart bc he was CRAZY....just plain crazy and I loved it. Since I am not teaching this year I think it is safe to say that I had a favorite and his name was Joshua....I called him Joshie, he hated that I did that so he called me "teachy" bc I said that my name was Mrs. Mobley and NOT teacher on a daily basis. He was clever like that. Anyway, here is one of my favorite convos between me and Joshie:

  • Joshie- "Can I have some glue?"

  • Me- "Why?"

  • Joshie-"Because I ripped my pants and there is a big hole now"

  • Me-"Glue won't fix that Joshie"

  • Joshie- "can I have some tape?"

  • Me- "tape won't fix your pants either, you are going to have to wait and have your mom sew them for you"

  • Joshie-"Ok, can I just have some sew then?"
I mean, duh, just give me some sew. It made so much since to him and he talked to me like I was the dumbest person for not just giving him sew. He is funny and surprisingly one of the smartest kids I know minus this conversation.