Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vampire Child

Today was a pretty normal-ish day. Ash and I played, ate, cleaned, watched Ellen and Ice Age, ate, etc. I finally changed Ashton out of his pajamas at the early hour of 2 p.m. and put on his pretty (handsome/manly), white, Michael Jordan shirt; ***side note***-there is something about big people clothing in little baby people sizes that just gets me. Love it with all my heart. In case you don't know what I mean, little ducks and elephants holding balloons are in the wittle, cutesy baby clothes category and clothes that YOU reading this would wear, just in miniature form, are in the category I am talking about. Unless you wear shirts with ducks and elephants holding balloons on them, which is fine.........ANYWAY, yes, so I put on Ashton's big person looking Michael Jordan warm-up bball outfit (Not that any of what I just said has much to do with this story) and was on my way to giving him a snack. He is eating away and we are singing Itsy Bitsy Spider and clapping when all of the sudden a pinkish liquid starts sliding down Ashton's mouth. My first thought is that it is just his strawberry yogurt melts and then I realize that he is eating cheese and cheerios! I ask my brain what is going on and it has no idea. Did he eat a bug and that is the color of the bug gut juices? It's possible. That's creepy. I was a little scared of him for 3 seconds and then he started crying. I finally held his mouth open to investigate and poor baby's back molar tooth was bleeding :-( I have no idea if this is normal, I am new at the mom business. I googled it and called a friend and it turns out that it is normal, whew. So my creepy little Vampire child morphed quickly back to sweet little baby and was in major tooth pain. It was a dramatic snack time but we made it. As for the white Michael Jordan shirt, not so much. It has a nice little pinkish (blood and drool) color to it.

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